School Appeals Terms


Programme 2016

Terms of Use

Chapter 1


1.    In these Terms of Use the provider is referred to as School Appeals Counsel and the user is referred to as the Client. The provider and the user collectively are referred to as the Parties. Programme 2016 refers to the provision of legal services by School Appeals Counsel throughout the year 2016. Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine and words importing the feminine gender include the masculine. Words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular. A Modified Cost Event is an  event which entitles School Appeals Counsel to vary without notice the amount charged to the Client. Distance is measured by road mileage.

Contractual Formation

2.    School Appeals Counsel makes no undertaking to act for a particular person unless it has accepted instructions in the manner specified in these Terms of Use.

3.   Acceptance of instructions occurs only when School Appeals Counsel acknowledges in writing receipt of its Acceptance Form previously supplied to the Client which is duly completed signed by him and returned.


4.    Counsel may withdraw from a case for professional reasons specified in the relevant Code of Conduct or for practical reasons such as conflicting appeal dates in which case the rules in Terms of Use Chapter 2 apply. In the event of withdrawal School Appeals Counsel will if possible seek to obtain the services of alternative counsel.


5.    Guidance on the fixed and variable costs incurred by the Client in using the services of School Appeals Counsel is available at this site. The cost of travel for Programme 2016 in the absence of any contrary agreement made in writing between the Parties is variable depending on the distance between Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex and the Client’s home town. School Appeals Counsel reserves the right to vary the amount charged where one or more Modified Cost Events occur which increases the amount previously anticipated for expenses in acting for the Client.


Modified Cost Events

6.    Modified Cost Events referred to in these Terms of Use include but are not limited to the incidence of additional work or expense requested by the Client; any variation in the expected travel arrangements relevant to the appeal; an increase in rail fares or government mileage allowance rates and any casting arithmetical or other error in the guidance rates published at this site.


7.   All services of School Appeals Counsel are payable on demand through PayPal or such other medium as may be agreed between the Parties. As a condition of conducting work or further work as the case may be on a particular case School Appeals Counsel may upon notice to the Client require one or more payments on account.


8.  These Terms of Use may be updated from time to time and it shall be the responsibility of the Client to periodically check this site for current Terms and charging rates applicable to work in progress.

24 March 2016

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