School Appeals Method



7—Point Plan

  1. Orientation

  2. Home

  3. News Stand

  4. Municipal Transport

  5. Site Map

  6. Schools

  7. Regional Map

  8. Web Directory

  9. People

  10. Barristers

  11. Solicitors

  12. Legal Executives

  13. Places of Interest

  14. Temple City

  15. Theatre

  16. Cinema

  17. Sound Studio

  18. Cathedral

  19. Commercial

  20. Ticket Office

  21. Merchandise


NB.   Your appeal will be supervised by the principal William R Ellis unless otherwise stated. Priority will be afforded to clients in order of registration: Terms of Use Chapter 2.

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Enlisting our help couldn’t be easier:

1.    Contact us by ‘phone or email.

2.    We will explain our services and answer any concerns you may have about your case.

3.    Further help and guidance will be available by Skype or FaceTime.

If you wish we could proceed to:

4.    Advise on the evidence required to support your appeal.

5.    Draft your appeal.

6.    Arrange for your personal consultation with counsel, and

7.    Advise or represent you at the appeal hearing.