Successful School Appeals


    For parents needing help with a school admission crisis the new School Appeals Counsel service from Temple City is hard to beat.

Originally created in 1998 Temple City was conceived by William R Ellis, a barrister of Gray’s Inn, to provide a wide variety of legal services to practising and employed barristers and solicitors and to the general public. It was intended at that time to establish a virtual dimension to its terrestrial counterpart Temple Lectures Ltd which had provided continuing professional development training, publications, software and related services to members of the legal profession since its incorporation in 1983. Personnel associated with Temple Lectures Ltd of that era can be viewed at ‘Alumni’.

In 2001 the Temple City project was suspended while Mr Ellis pursued a career in teaching. Following two successful school appeals in 2009 conducted in a purely private capacity Mr Ellis decided to revive Temple City to extend the benefit of his experience as a parent, teacher and lawyer to other parents feeling let down by a school’s decision refusing admission to their son or daughter.



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School Appeals Counsel is designed to evolve into a national service comprising barristers, solicitors and legal executives who believe in the ideal of delivering sound professional advice and assistance to parents faced with a school admission disappointment and to do so at modest cost.


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